About us:

What is Mad SaintS?
The Mad SaintS is a Goresque/Burlesque project, filled with blood tempting women…
We did shows on sideburners parties, tattoo conventions, coffin carnival and we also got invited to the carnival curitiba at Brazil. We did shows together with Zirkus des Horrors, Demented Are Go, Bang Bang Bazooka, P.O.X. Cenobites, The Brains, even with my special friend Joey Kreuk from The Strangers (R.I.P) and much more.
You can book us for concerts, festivals, tattoo conventions, fetish parties and more!

Also we are a Profesional Body suspension group and organize here and than a suspension day

were we want to hang up YOU!! 

we keep you updated....


Who is Mad SaintS?
Mad Saints is started in 2008 by members and founders Heer Stitch, Daisy Dott and Tomtom. But after a couples of shows Mad SaintS was gone already because of the twisted minds between Stitch and Tomtom.
In 2009, after more people asked for a comeback, Tomtom and his girl Kitty Catafalque tried to do the shows together.
Summer of 2010 Daisy Dott came back and for two years we did the show with the three of us.
In 2012 Mad SaintS split in a friendly way, unfortunately didn’t do any shows anymore.
But now in 2015 Mad SaintS is back, with Tomtom and a whole new group of psycho’s!
On Halloween 31.10.2015 we’ve made the comeback show at Obscene in Amsterdam.

 2016 -2017  Mad saints was touring with the Zirkus des Horrors Germany we loved to do this work

and we hope that we will soon work together


The crew:
  Sickboy TT

Miss Inspheration

The incredible Penis

Twitch Horror 

Star Bitch