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Press reports Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger:

The freak formation "Mad Saints" offers the spectacular performance, the actual horror of the show. If we had seen normal circus performances until then, which can only be attributed to the genre "horror" by their staging, blood now flows in streams. First the man of the duo pokes two rows of long needles through his partner's back and then ties them together. He inserts the long drill of a running cordless screwdriver far into his nose and then hammers two thick long nails into his nostrils. The partner gets four balloons stapled to her upper arms with a stapler and long needles pierce her forehead. The freak drives long wires through holes in his nasal septum and deforms his nose. Also it pushes itself a long needle crosswise under the skin on its forehead. From cannulas, which are driven through the cheeks of the partner and eyebrow of the freak, blood splashes in a high arc onto the stage floor. Finally he cuts himself he opens with a quick cut of a razor his tongue in his mouth and distributes a huge splash of blood on his upper body, then he cuts his partner's throat completely unexpected ... the purest horror and pure thrills.
Standing ovations !!!

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